• Fun Facts about Myrtus Communis

    Fun Facts about Myrtus Communis

    Myrtus Communis has pretty long history; some of the "fun facts" are listed below...

    Greek Mythology: In ancient Greece, myrtle was sacred to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Brides often wore myrtle wreaths to symbolize love and purity.

    Roman Traditions: The Romans linked myrtle to Venus, their goddess of love. Victorious generals celebrated their triumphs with myrtle crowns.

    Jewish Festival: Myrtle is one of the four species used in the Jewish festival of Sukkot, representing the good deeds of the people.

    Christian Ceremonies: Myrtle symbolizes fertility, peace, and love in Christian tradition and is often used in wedding ceremonies.

    Ancient Medicine: Greeks and Romans used myrtle for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, treating various ailments.

    Middle Ages Remedy: In medieval Europe, myrtle was a go-to remedy for respiratory issues, digestive problems, and skin conditions.

    Shakespearean References: Myrtle appears in Shakespeare’s works, reflecting its significance in Elizabethan England.

    Classical Literature: Myrtle frequently appears in classical texts, symbolizing love, honor, and immortality.

    Victorian Weddings: In the Victorian language of flowers, myrtle represented love and was a popular choice in wedding bouquets.

    European Good Luck Charm: In some European cultures, planting myrtle in gardens was believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits.

    Modern Symbol: Today, myrtle is seen as a symbol of peace and prosperity, adding a fragrant, evergreen touch to gardens worldwide.
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    TOMs FLOWer CLUB, Adliswil, Kilchberg, Zürich, Zurich International School, Blumenstrauss

    Discover Our New Flower Stand “🔵MEN” (i.e. BLUMEN in German)🌺🌼🍀: Fresh Bouquets Made with Great Joy and Passion for Plants and Flowers.

    Inspired by the enthusiasm of our family and friends for our floral art, we have decided, after careful consideration, to open our own 🔵MEN flower stand directly at our house. Herewith we would like to introduce you to our new flower stand and give you an insight into our passion for flowers and plants.

    Our 🔵MEN Flower Stand: Our flower stand "BLUE-MEN" / "Blumen" in German,  offers fresh, handcrafted bouquets, with some of the flowers coming from our organic garden. Various herbs, plants, and flowers grow in our garden all year round, and we use exclusively organic farming methods without any pesticides.

    Why a Flower Stand? The idea for our flower stand arose from the repeated enthusiasm of our family and friends for our bouquets. Many wondered why we didn't also offer bouquets for sale, as they were sure that many people in our area would be interested.

    Visit Us! Visit our flower stand 🔵MEN at Grütstrasse 30, 8134 Adliswil, and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and freshness of our handcrafted bouquets. Our flower stand is open from sunrise to sunset. Getting here is easy and free, and the stand is easily accessible by car, bicycle, motorcycle, or on foot. The bus stop 'Hofackerstrasse' is only a few meters away from the house. Whether you are traveling from Zurich to Kilchberg or Rüschlikon, or heading to the Zurich International School, our flower stand is conveniently located on your way. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

    Special Requests: Of course, we are also open to special requests; simply let us know your budget, favorite flowers, and color combinations, and we will get to work so that we can see the magic in your eyes afterward.

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    Caladium, order, sale, tropical plants, TOMS FLOWer CLUB

    The pre-order for organically grown CALADIUM tubers at TOMs FLOWer CLUB is open till the end of February 2024.

    In March, you will have the opportunity to grow your own healthy Caladium plant and enjoy its beautiful leaves all year round until the plant goes dormant again for the winter. Ready to put your green fingers to the test?

    Do you already have this magic leaves in your plant collection?

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  • SAVE the DATE - photoSCHWEIZ 11-16 January 2024

    photoSchweiz 2024, TOMas Rodak, TOMs FLOWer CLUB, pink rules the world, pink world, floral photography, magnolia, lily, visit Zurich, Hasselblad

    Like in the past years, also in 2024 I am attending already the 18th edition of photoSCHWEIZ, the most important and by far the largest photography exhibition in Switzerland.

    This time I am presenting the floral triptychon called "PINK rules the WORLD". In case I have made you curious to see my floral photo art works and/or you want to meet me in person, feel free to stop by and enjoy the photo art of round 200 photographers

    SAVE the DATE: 11 January 2024 - Vernissage, 12 - 16 January 2024

    Place: Hall 550, Zurich-Oerlikon

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